Sunday, July 20, 2008

Joshua LOVES trains. Anytime he sees a bus, a big van, the MAX, or a real train he freaks out and yells, "TRAIN!!" for the next 10 minutes. It's pretty cute. I finally caved and bought him a little train set from IKEA the other day. He has not stopped playing it since I bought it. He cries anytime we have to leave and races to be the first one in the house yelling, "TRAIN," when we get back. I love to watch him and listen to him say ," Chuga chuga, whoo, whoo!" So sweet!!

Don't mess with Josh's trains. He can scream like nothing I have heard before...and he can hit pretty hard!
He likes to make the train crash and pretend to get upset and then fix it. He also likes to take a piece of the track apart and and say, "Think about it." That's what we say when we put the kids in a time out. He really has a great little imagination!

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Anonymous said...

Austin is the same way. He loves trains and loves to crash them. He likes to crash his cars too.

Uncle Mike