Sunday, July 13, 2008

We found the coolest park ever in Denver! It was crazy! I read a story about it in the paper and how some parents didn't approve of the park because their kids couldn't figure out what to do on it since it was not like a normal park. They said they didn't like that the kids had to use their imaginations! Anyways my kids LOVED it!!

These thing spun in circles and the kids had fun getting dizzy!

This was Josha's favorite. He had fun spinning all the kids and making them fall down when they got out because they were so dizzy!
Go, Noe, Go!!
Here's my brother Scott and his fiancee, Danielle! We had lots of fun with them. Like I said, I totally slacked with taking pictures and didn't even get a picture of my sister Kelly, and her new husband, Jonathan. We had tons of fun with all of them!
Here's Larkily being a spinning madman!
Here's Josh trying to make Larkin sick!
There was a really awesome rock wall for the kids to boulder on. There were all kinds of other crazy stuff and misters for if it was hot and the kids wanted to play in the water. There was a sand area which made Noah SOOO happy!


Jen said...

That looks like a super cool park! Stupid parents and their "no imaginations"...HELLO...

heidi nielsen said...

Awesome park.