Thursday, September 03, 2009

I am so major lame!! I'm like a million post behind on my blog. I love my blog, but totally wish I had a blog fairy that could get me updated!! here's where we left off on Aaron's sabbatical fun. We stopped in Salt Lake on our drive home from Denver. It was 108 degrees and I woke up that morning (we drove all night so we could make the most of our trip in Salt Lake) with a bladder infection. I've never even had one of those before...I was pretty sure I was going to die! Obviously I didn' here are some fun pictures from Temple Square.
Larkin just followed the big kids around and wanted to pose in all their pictures. She really isn't a baby anymore, I guess! Noah, refused to come and stand with the kids...

Here's where we found him...pouting . He was mad because the camera got taken away from him...I'm not sure why, I can't remember. But he refused to have fun. Silly boy!Joshua was so happy when Aaron finally let him touch the water.
We have a picture of Arwen in front of this door when she was a few months old. She's still as pretty and sweet as ever.I think this was Larkin's first time here. Here she is hamming it up! She has on her fake "cheese" smile. Here's Noah hiding. It sure was a fun, HOT trip!! The kids loved seeing the Temple and singing about it. They are all excited to go there someday!! Noah informed me that he is getting married in the me. That way I'll have two wedding rings!


AmyB said...

Send that blog fairy our way when she is done over there! I also got a bladder infection in UT. I also thought I was going to die but it was like my millionth one. I feel your pain! Love the pics.

Anonymous said...

Cherish these pictures with Grandpa Green. He is such a special man. I sure love him and appreciate his example to me.

I love you kids,

Grandma Marshmallow