Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Look at these cute pictures I found of Lu when I came to do some more updates about our super fun summer. I fix Larkin's hair every Sunday. She runs in my room and demands that I put her "Up" so she can sit in my sink and suck on my toothbrush while I curl and style her hair. It looks darling when I finish, but by the time we get to church it's flat and looks crazy! She is such a good girl and always lets me fix her hair...too bad it is taking FOREVER to grow!!
Aaron will probably edit this post and fix the scratch on Larkin's head, but I kind of like it...she always has something like this on her face. It's on her nose right now...she fell off the swing on Sunday and smashed her cute little face.
Larkin is...CRAZY!! I don't even know what to do with her! She is the scrappiest little girl I have ever seen. She can totally hold her own around fact she is the QUEEN! She bites, pinches, hits, kicks and lots more. Poor Joshua is usually the recipient of her terror. He is such a sweet little guy and rarely fights back. She has a big girl bed now that she WON'T sleep in. The little monster sleeps in the pack and play in her room!
She is so passionate about things. I love it. She knows what she wants and won't quit until she gets it. Noah is her favorite sibling. It's really cute. He even still loves her after she bit his hand in the car the other day. She keeps us laughing with all her naughty antics! She rolls around on the ground doing silly dances and singing silly songs during scriptures to distract us. I can't help it...I always giggle at her which just encourages her! She is the naughtiest, silliest, prettiest little 20 month old I have :)


Grandma Carrot said...

I love her hair...Scott was our funny one. It's hard to keep a straight face sometimes!

Anonymous said...

She is beautiful and Arwen, what a little trooper. I love these pictures. And don't worry about the hair, she probably got the Nielsen hair gene so once she hits puberty it will really grow (speaking from experience)

Anonymous said...

Adorable Larkin Emily Mischief Nielsen. We called your dad mischief when he was your age. I guess you and Noah are mischief, We had a song we made up about your dad. It went Aaronimus, Gronconimus, cute little baby boyimus, Ronimus, gronimus, cute little boy we love. We also called him Aarastus, Arethimus. All those silly names meant mischief like Larkin does. :-)