Saturday, September 19, 2009

Arwen decided to take a term off of ballet and try soccer. She started her practices the week she started school. Her team is named the Cheetahs and has 6 cute little first grade girls on it. I wasn't quite sure how Arwen would do at soccer...those of you who know my kids well, know how clumsy they are! Well, Arwen spends more time in the dirt than on her feet, but she's pretty much amazing!! I'm told she scored at her first game (which we had to miss) but she didn't score today. (She had a lot of near misses, though!) But she had so much spirit out there! She put her whole entire self into the game and it was so much fun to watch! She does these super cool slide moves and is really good at being right in the middle of the where the ball is. Here are some of my favorite pictures Aaron took of her today.
On the ground??

Check out that passion! (That girl in green better watch her back!)
On the ground again??
Nice block!

Oops, too far!
On the ground again, Arwen??
Pretty much, she has sweet moves!
Is that the ground??

Number 3...just like Joshua!
She made silly faces the whole time! She was so deep in concentration!
Head butt!
And look...a smile! She had so much fun! Arwen was covered in mud by the time the game was done. They had to stop playing twice to tie her shoes and I had to pull her socks up every time she subbed out. She was so totally into it!


Memory said...

Oh, my gosh, those were so fun to look at!! What a cutie! 1. Her hair is so cute like that. 2. Her "sweet moves" picture looks like she's doing paso doble, Latin dance arms with soccer. Ha!. 3. Those are some sweet, expensive-looking cleats. :-) 4. Your camera takes some great pictures!

Grandma Carrot said...

I know nothing about soccer but Arwen looks sooooo cute! She looks like she is having a blast! Go number 3!!!!!

Amy said...

Yeah! Go Arwen! Brings back memories.

Marissa and Blaine said...

Cute pictures! She looks like she definitely got into the game! She had a serious game face. I'm impressed!
Her hair looks adorable too! Who says you can't play a sport in style?!

Kendra Goodrich said...

She looks so into it all! She must be loving it.

Anonymous said...

Arwen! Great soccer pictures. You play with passion just like your dad did. He put everything he had into his soccer matches just like you do. Great pictures! We love you,

Grandma and Grandpa Nielsen