Thursday, September 03, 2009

We went down to beach a couple of times over our vacation for day trips. After searching for agates and not really finding any, the kids gave up and started to play in a little tiny pond by the ocean. It went up to Arwen's not too deep. I turned my back to start getting our picnic lunch ready and I heard Arwen screaming that Larkin was drowning. Sure enough when I turned around she was under. Only the little thing was mostly swimming. I don't know how long she would have lasted, but she was doing a pretty good job of dog paddling to keep her head afloat. I yelled to Arwen to grab her while I ran over. Some man in his swim trunks was just standing there watching. I was waiting for him to help...but I guess he was just there to watch. Anyways, I got her and was only pair of jeans and sweatshirt that I had. Yuck! Crazy adventure! Then we went to a light house.

After that we went on a little hike. Here's a cute family picture.
Hold on Arwen!!!

Then we stopped and picked yummy blueberries! Fun, crazy day!!


Meghan said...

I always love the blueberry pictures, they turn out so well. Poor Arwen looks terrified!

aarastas said...

Arwen's a great little actress. That photo is actually rotated, she's flat on her belly.