Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Lakeside park.  After taking the kids on rides Grandma was brave enough to watch them so Sarah and I could run off and go on some rides.  While we were standing in line for the Wild Chipmunk it started to rain and they closed it.  We waited for some time hoping it'd re-open then stood in line for some throw-up ride (as Noah puts it) and then just as we were about to get on the Wild Chipmunk opened.  So we ran over there and got on...and got rained on by the time we got on the ride.  It was fun riding during a thunder storm.  We ended up riding that twice and the throw-up ride once then it was raining too hard to stay.  We found the kids and Grandma taking refuge in a covered  picnic area.

Noah and Joshua were good buddies on the rides.

Noah was good at keeping Larkin safe as well.  She seemed a little small for the rides they'd let her on, but she liked most of them.

Arwen spent most of her time on the roller-coaster, she loved it.  Joshua not so much.  This is the third time around and he'd just given up with the I'm going to die face.  I wish I'd caught a good picture of that one.

Happy to be still alive.

This is Larkin's pretty-lady face.

Again, what a pretty-lady.  She also has a pouty-lady face that's fun.

We all lost count of how many times Arwen went on the roller-coaster.  We just left her there running from Exit to Entrance over and over. 

Thanks for the fund day Grandma.


Jen said...

Okay -the crazy face on Larkin reminds me SO MUCH of Aaron! She's definitely yours, Aaron!

Grandma Carrot said...

I should be thanking you...just to watch the joy on Arwen's face and Noah overcome his throwing-up fear was worth it.

Anonymous said...

Larkilly certianly has a personality...They are all adorable and I miss them