Sunday, April 06, 2008

Yesterday, me and Arwen went on a little date before tap lessons. We decided to go out for breakfast at the IHOP across the street from her dance studio. To our surprise and happiness, we saw that they were doing Dr. Suess food. They had green eggs (scrambled eggs with broccoli) that look yummy, but, when Arwen and I saw the Who-Cakes, we knew they were meant for her! There were 5 delicious pancakes topped with pink and blue gooey goodness! Chocolate sprinkles were on top of that. And it had a lollipop in the middle of all that sugary goodness! It was really fun! Me and Arwen decided to surprise the boys and make that for their breakfast today. (We used gogurts instead of making the boysenberry and blueberry sauces...but other than that, they were about the same!)

"I am the king of the universe!!" Pretty much the only thing Josh ate was the sucker!
It's that look again...I think it must mean..."I am so looking forward to this tastiness!"
Thanks Arnie for all your help to make a fun breakfast!


Memory said...

You are just too cool! Those kids are so lucky to have you. Love, love, love Noah's face. HA! Larkin was probably salivating from her swing. :-)

Grandma Carrot said...

How fun! I meant to tell you about "Green eggs and Ham" at Ihop. Last time we went to the temple, we stopped there for dessert and saw the advertisement. How great you have the energy and love to make them for Noah and Josh. That face Noah makes is so funny...