Monday, April 21, 2008

After all our swimming fun, we headed north so spend a night in Seattle. We had to stop at the Bonsai Gardens on the way, of course!
This one was Arwen and Aaron's favorite...what in the world?? Looks pretty easy to recreate, huh? Who knows, maybe it's nearly impossible!!
This one was Arwen's favorite! The also had Bonsai rocks...yep...pretty much they were rocks in a pretty bowl. Now, when you come to my house and wonder why you find rocks on the piano, in all my plants, in every drawer, in the kids' toy boxes...I can say they are our "Bonsai Rocks!!"
Then we got to Seattle and walked around the city center. The kids always like to go and play by the big music exhibit.
We were lucky...we kept avoiding the rain/hail/snow. By the time we got into our hotel, we were freezing! Arwen, Noah, and I enjoyed swimming in the hotel's pool while Aaron and the little guys watched a few cartoons! Did I mention that our hotel in Seattle was gross...we got a pet room that was clean enough...except I KNEW cats had been there. I was an itchy mess!! Gross...

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Bethany said...

Um, pretty much you guys are the coolest and have the most fun ever. I should emphasize that with the coolest and the most fun in THE UNIVERSE!!!