Thursday, April 10, 2008

We went to the zoo with some friends today. We thought it was going to be nice (dry) weather, but we got drizzled on the whole time. It was really fun though! The kids were really well behaved (only ran away from us a few times!!) and we saw lots of animals without any crowds due to the wet weather.
Here are all of the kids. This is the only picture I got with all of the kids actually facing the camera! Too bad Noah's eyes are shut!
The kids had fun watching the polar bears. Noah decided he actually was a polar bear and made this crazy face in all the rest of the pictures.
I'm not quite sure what look Arwen was going for here, but I thought it was a cute picture!
Good old Arwen has her "camera" smile. I couldn't get her to look natural for anything!
Yup, here's my vicious polar bear again! Noah cracks me up! What a fun trip! Larkin was so good and slept in her car seat in the stroller the whole time. Joshua rode in the stroller half the time, and then decided to join the kids walking! I kept asking him if he wanted to get back in the stroller and he would shake his head and say,"No." He LOVES to tell me no!! So cute!! Ha! I just noticed that there is only one animal in any of these pictures...well, I guess there were 6 cute little animals in all of the them!!


Pricilla said...

That is a big group. Were you by yourself with all those little people? I love Noahs expressions lately. He cracks me up!

Amber and The Boys said...

Your kids seem to be bursting with personality. Must keep you busy! They look like SO much fun! And they are adorable.