Monday, April 21, 2008

We woke up Saturday morning and enjoyed a yummy buffet breakfast in our hotel. Then we ventured off to play some more in Seattle. The only was 38 degrees outside...FREEZING!! Goodness, we had 86 degree weather only one week ago, what happened!! We decided to see a few sights from the car while it warmed up. Aaron took us to a troll under a bridge that he had heard about. Noah, of course, was scared to death!
It was pretty cool. The kids were really concerned that it was real and that he wasn't really dead and would eat them...Dad did nothing to convince them otherwise :)

All of the other pictures of Noah on the nose were of him be proud of this brave little boy!!
Then we decided to brave the cold weather and go to the fish market. Noah was not so sure about this place and thought it was stinky.Arwen was fascinated by the red fish! We had fun watching the guys throw the fish every time someone ordered something. We got some manilla clams and it was fun to hear them yell, "One pound of clams," and then he chucked them to the guy at the cash register!Look at all those pretty colors!! How fun would it be to live next door to an awesome farmer's market where you could get tons of fresh seafood, produce, and flowers??Look at the has Larkin's name on it!!

The sun came out and we went to the Kobota Gardens. The little kids were sleeping so I took Noah out to take a few photos. He pretty much told me he was freezing a million times, so we didn't get too far!
This was a really pretty little pond we found!Arwen was pretty entranced with a dead mouse she found on the edge of this much for the beautiful scenery!!What a cutie! We drove home after this. We had a great time!!


Danielle said...

you guys do the FUNNEST things with your kids! I am so amazed by you...

Bethany said...

That Noah always has a face on. Seriously, what a fun weekend getaway for the family. You guys are so cool!