Monday, April 14, 2008

Noahisms: I took the kids to play at a friends house this last week and Josh was whining and clinging to me the whole time (turns out, the poor baby was sick!). Anyways, Noah come into the room and said to me, "Shosh is murmuring like Lamen and Lemuel."--this from the King of Murmur!!

Yesterday, Josh swiped one of Noah's treasures (a pink eraser he found on a hike with Aaron) and Noah was trying everything in his power to convince Josh to give it back. The best was when he said this: "You need to repent, Shosh!"

FYI: A few people have asked if we use any special books when teaching our kids the scriptures stories. We actually just use the Book of Mormon/Bible. Instead of reading the verses every morning for Family Scripture time, we read key scriptures and tell the rest of the stories in our own words. Then we ask the kids lots of questions to make sure they understand what the scriptures are trying to teach them. It has been working so much better than just reading directly from the least until they are a little older and better able to understand the verses for themselves.


Dori said...

Great way to do scripture reading with little kids! I love it.

Pricilla said...

You guys are doing such a good job with that. We are struggling just to have them sit long enough for one verse. We will get there some day I hope.