Sunday, September 30, 2007

Yesterday, we went out to The Pumpkin Patch in Suavie Island. It was so fun! We got to take a hay ride out to the pumpkin patch to pick out our own pumpkins. The kids got to play on a cool hay pyramid and we rode the "cow train." Joshua really liked the pumpkins. We bought him a baby, baby one and he loved it so much he tried to bite it!
Noah picked this scary looking pumpkin out all by himself. He carried it all the way back to the hay ride...which was pretty far for a little boy to walk by himself carrying a pumpkin that probably weighed almost as much as him ;) I tried to carry it for him and he kept telling me, "No...I'm fine."
Here's a picture of us on the cow train. I will NEVER ride the cow train again while I am pregnant. I was almost certain I was going to go into labor, it was so bumpy. It was even to bumpy for the kids!

What a cute little silly!
We couldn't get Noah to look at the camera, but at least he's smiling!
Daddy and Arwen, looking cute!
Joshua really liked the hay ride. He liked watching the tractor that pulled us to the pumpkin patch.
Arwen found the coolest green pumpkin...the only one around for miles! Too bad it was too heavy for her!Little Noah snuck out of his bed last night. He had been sleeping with his pumpkin. Well, he dropped that pumpkin down the stairs and SPLAT, now his pumpkin has a mouth. Poor little Noah has the chicken pox right now. Crazy stuff....the Doctor said he had no idea how things would progress because of the chicken pox vaccine...which Noah HAS had. Oh well. He's just covered in pox on his belly and back, but at least they don't itch. He's had a mild fever and been SUPER grouchy today. Hopefully the other two don't get them!


Mike said...

That sounds like great fun. The more and more I read about the stuff you guys do in Oregon the more I want to live there.

Pricilla said...

How fun. great pictures. I love the falling down the stairs story. He must have been so devistated.

Danielle said...

this was the pumpkin patch I went to growing up!!! :):):) I am so on that train tomorrow! lol. Go into labor, go into labor, go into labor... Hope things are going well for you guys!

Bethany said...

I love pumpkin patches! Can't wait until we go. Pumpkin pictures always turn out so cute. Especially yours!

Cheney Family said...

Going to the pumpkin patch is one of my favorite things to do. I can't wait til my family goes. Sounds like you had fun. The pictures are great!! Sorry Noah is sick!

Jen said...

Figures, it would happen to Noah! I MISS the Oregon patches!

Anonymous said...

These pictures of your babies are priceless! Esp. the one of little Joshy sitting on the pumpkin with that big smile on his face. :)

Anonymous said...

Emily, Krista! Noah's pumpkin looks like Fluffernuts!

Michael, there's a pumpkin patch in Brentwood you should take Austin & Jack to. They have hay rides as well.