Tuesday, September 04, 2007

We had a fun Labor Day weekend. We went to our new Ikea on Saturday to get the kids new dressers for their bedrooms. How great will it be to not have to hang EVERYTHING up now! We also got a new book shelf as the kids have outgrown their little one. Then, on Monday, we went into Portland to play. But first we stopped by Noah's bagels for yummy breakfast. Then we went to the park by the zoo. The kids LOVE this park because it has a huge sand area!
Josh loves to play in the sand!
Here's Josh trying to scoot off a 6 foot drop-off...crazy little boy!
He loved riding on this sea horse. It was so funny to see him shaking his body to make it move.
Next we went to the mall and had Hot Dog on a Stick. Then we walked next door to let the kids play in the fountains. Here is Josh just doing his thing! People are always asking about Josh's crawl...like, is that really how he crawls...No...you're just imagining it! A little kid told me does a monkey crawl and some lady told Aaron he looked like a lion. Anyways, people LOVE his crawl! Arwen loves to play in the fountains. She soaked herself, but when some kid threw a cup of water on her, she was devastated that she was wet!!
Little Noah runs around in his bathing suit with his bum falling out the whole time. I can't get any pants to stay on him...unless Aaron gets him dressed and he puts him in Josh's shorts! Josh would laugh and cry while splashing in the water. I guess sometimes it got to be too much! Then we came home and made yummy hot fudge sauce (it's so good, that sometimes I'm tempted to just eat it with a spoon!) carmel topping, and jersey topping to make yummy ice cream dessert! What a terrific day!


Jen said...

Yummy dessert! I want your hot fudge recipe! Glad you had a fun day with Aaron! I'm sure he missed you all!

Memory said...

Wow! You amaze me with these huge, amazingly fun days you have! Do you leave at 8 a.m. and get home at 8 p.m.? Do kids just nap in the car? How do you do so much in one day? It's a wonder!

Bethany said...

Tempted to eat it with a spoon? Are you kidding me. I wouldn't even bat and eye. Maybe that's my problem. Fun times on the Labor Day!

Pricilla said...

What a blast. I am lovin the Josh crawl too. I love Noahs bagels they are the best. Yay for dressers, I don't know how you hung everything up, thats crazy.

Danielle said...

you have such AMAZING blogs Sarah! You're my inspiration...Oh, and I basically have a walk-in pantry of poptarts so if you ever need any, EVER, let me know. haha. :)

Cheney Family said...

You always do such fun things with your kids. Sometimes I barely get dressed. Your such a great mom!!