Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Sorry for not posting in forever...the kids and I took an extended vacation. We drove through Idaho to Utah. We stayed in Utah for a couple of days with my friend Jen, who used to live here by us. Thanks Jen for letting us live in your house!! We had 7 kids there between the two of us and it was a mad house! It was sooo fun though! Then we drove to Denver to visit my family. We did lots of fun things with my parents. First off, we went fishing at this little stocked pond up in the mountains.

Arwen pretty much thought fishing was boring. She spent most of her time running between her pole (laying on the ground) and grandma.
Noah thought fishing was great...that and throwing our lunch into the lake to "feed the fish!"
Noah was the only one who got a fish. He was so excited about this!
He really needed to hold his fish in his little net...until he realized the fish was squirmy and he immediately dropped it.
Noah was scared to death of his fish...which he named Bruno. This is a before shot...I didn't manage to get the after and it's probably better that way. The kids threw dirt, grass, flowers, grapes, worms, salmon eggs and lots of other junk into the bucket with the fish in it. Then they took their nets and tried to "wake Bruno up." And Aaron wonders why I didn't want to eat it!

We got to go to the annual family reunion at the park this year. It's with my mom's side of the family. We had a Mexican Fiesta with lots of yummy Mexican food.
Here's Arwen ready for the sack races.
The poor girl was in dead last...but like grandma said, "Everyone gets a prize." Arwen loved that part!
What a silly little girl!
Arwen had fun whacking the pinata!
Josh managed to crawl in and get his share of treats once the pinata was broken!


Jen said...

I'm with Arwen, fishing is definately not my thing!

Bethany said...

Glad you had such a great time at Jen's and at home. I'm really looking forward to our trip to Denver.