Friday, September 07, 2007

Happy Birthday Aaron!!!

Arwen loves you because:

Sheloves to play with you

You jump on the trampoline with her

You play ring around the rosies with her

She loves to hug you and play with you

You draw pictures with her

Noah loves you because:

You letted him go in the car

You bring him on the trip and bring him back home

You just did magical things

You give him wands

I just love him

I love you because:

You are a handy man

You are so spiritual and make this family a happier one

You're cute

You help a lot around the house

You make me a better person

We love you lots! Happy Birthday!!


Cheney Family said...

Tell Aaron Happy Birthday from the Cheney's!!

Jen said...

Happy Birthday Aaron!

Danielle said...

Happy Happy Happy Birthday from the Young Family!!! :):):)

Meghan said...

that's so sweet! I love you two!