Wednesday, September 19, 2007

We got to go to a really cool place for play group today. A couple from church lives way out in the country and have the most amazing backyard for their grandkids to come and play. They invited us for today. There was an amazing sandbox with tons of dump trucks to dig with that the kids spent most of their time in. There was also a great swing set, a teeter totter, a trampoline, and lots of John Deere kid tractors to ride on. We also got to see their chickens. What a fun morning!!
Here's Arwen having fun in the sand box.
Joshua didn't eat any of the sand...YEA!

Here is Noah with his "birthday cake."


Danielle said...

HOW FUN!!! I'm sad Kaylee and I weren't able to make it to playgroup today but she was having a rough morning. Figures. :) lol. Hope you're doing well gorgeous!

Jen said...

Whose house was it? SO FUN!

Cheney Family said...

So much fun! I had a sick kid or we would have been there. Wish I would have been able to be there.

Pricilla said...

Fun. Must be the Winkel's yard. Since they are my sister's in laws, I have heard all about it.