Sunday, September 09, 2007

The kids and I had a fun time preparing to celebrate Aaron's birthday this year. We spent the say shopping for things to decorate with. We decided on a candy theme this year.
We had quiznos and jamba juice for dinner...after all our running around all day and making little cakes, we didn't find much time to cook dinner! Sorry Aaron.
We bought lots and lots of suckers. This one was Noah's favorite!
Arwen really needed the pink one, of course!
Joshua had a blast with this's had a foot long stick that he usually insisted on holding at the bottom. Then he would swing it around until it got lucky enough to get in his mouth...he had sticky candy everywhere!!


Jen said...

Fun times! You really are a nice wife, Sarah! Aaron, hope you had a super day!

Danielle said...

you are so cute sarah! Matt turns 30 this week. Eeek. Gotta do something cool.... :):):)

Meghan said...

That party looks like so much fun! Way to go sarah and kids. Aaron, I love your smile, you always look so happy!