Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Aaron let me go to the beach with a group of friends from church this weekend. We stayed at a beach house over night. We had lots of fun playing games, watching movies, and eating yummy things! It was really fun. I found lots of sand dollars and lots of cool agates (and this was just a sand beach without any rocks to hunt in for them!!). Aaron and the kids had fun at home.
Aaron had all three of them on the swing set. It looks like they had tons of fun!
There were probably ten pictures of Joshua like this. What a silly boy!!


Memory said...

Fun! Husbands who let their wives do stuff like that are AWESOME! Every mom needs that every once in a while. Or thrice in a while, maybe.

Jen said...

So glad you got time away by yourself! Hope you enjoyed every second!

Pricilla said...

How nice, and well deserved. I think that should be every busy moms right every six months. Lets make that a new rule.