Thursday, January 15, 2009

While Arwen and I were in Salt Lake, Aaron braved San Francisco by himself with the 3 youngest kids!
Here they are...all smiles for their dad!!
Here's Noah eyeing all the cool alligator bread guys...yummy!!
This is Noah's attempt at being a pirate with Alcatraz behind him.
Joshua pretty much had this same mopey face in all the pictures. Larkin looks happy to be there, though. Aaron said she only ate a little sand!
Aaron said it was almost too warm for was FREEZING in Salt Lake!!
There's a smile...:)
Hold on Noah! The kids had a wonderful day with Aaron...definitely because he's the way nicer, better parent!!


Pricilla said...

Sarah you crack me up. You are a sweet good mommy too. I think i would say the same for Peter and I too though. Those pictures are so good. Cute Cute family.

Meghan said...

Great pictures, I love larkin's little smile. That one of noah hanging is so cute too, very artsy!

Grandma Carrot said...

All I know is that I saw a pretty great parent in Utah with us! We had such a fun time with you and little Arwen. Know any new Knock-knock jokes?!

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean Sarah. I always feel like the mean parent because I always try to keep James from spoiling Madelyn rotten. We "play" good cop, bad cop, and guess who's usually bad cop, me! Frustrating.
Love, Wendy