Friday, January 09, 2009

The kids had a lot of fun playing and Grandma and Grandpa's huge house! We pretty much didn't see the big kids the whole time we were there...they were so busy getting into mischief and playing.
Here is Arwen twirling in the entryway. Her and Larkin were going to wear these darling pettiskirts to my brothers wedding...but I ended up not taking Larkin and Arwen decided she would rather not wear it...

Outside at Grandma's is the best. They have tons of fruit trees (great in the summer) and a tree house, a pool, spa, trampoline, chickens and lots of other stuff. Here are the naughties playing on Grandpa's lawn mower.


Anonymous said...

it's the Oregon grandkids on the mower :-)

granny & gramps

Meredith said...

i just love all the cute pictures of your cute kids.