Thursday, January 08, 2009

Santa did pretty good this year. I think all the kids got what they asked him for!!

Larkin, of course, asked for candy. She LOVED her jelly bellies...what a delicious and nutritious breakfast!! (I remember my mom always having special Christmas hot chocolate and cinnamon rolls...which we were always too sick to eat after eating all the candy from Santa!!)
Here's Arwen in her Billy Bob teeth!!
Really Josh? Really? Why in the world are you still crying?? Not only did you get lots of great toys from Santa, but you snagged Larkin's baby stroller from her too! Joshua spent nearly every minute of the two weeks we were at Grandma's crying.
Good job, Santa...we were gonna have to have some words if you didn't bring Noah the silly putty he asked 2 million times for!!


Meghan said...

Lark a lou lou is so precious!

Anonymous said...

Poor little Joshua. His ear hurt him. Not so much crying, we think, if he had felt better.

granny & gramps

Grandma Carrot said...

Ah, the stuff of Christmas dreams...silly putty! :)