Thursday, January 08, 2009

There are now 10 cousins on the Nielsen side of the family. We got a picture of them in all their badness on Christmas Eve in front of the Christmas tree.

From left to right: Madelyn, Arwen holding little Christopher (Madelyn's brother), Joshua, Noah, Austin (standing), with Jack, his brother right in front of him, and Oh...I just noticed all we have of Evan is his bum...and then cute Dallin. Larkin is in the front trying to crawl away from all the mayhem!!


heidi nielsen said...

Great, a picture of Evan's bum and Austin picking his bum. Classic shot. I somehow always manage to miscount too, but there are ten now with Christopher

Anonymous said...

is this like find Waldo? Where's Evan and his bum bum?

granny & gramps