Monday, June 07, 2010

I love this kid.  We celebrated Josh's 4th birthday last Saturday.  He's my Memorial Day baby.  He really is the sweetest kid I've ever met in my whole life.  He likes everyone to be happy...even if that includes sharing all his chocolate...which he did.  I bought him a Wonka Scrumdidliumptious bar for one of his gifts and he was eating it next to me late one night...we let him stay up late on his big day.  He counted out all the people in our family and then proceeded to break off 6 pieces of chocolate so that everyone could enjoy a piece when they woke up the next day.  He's content to just sit and play with whatever toy catches his fancy at the moment for hours.  He loves to hear stories about himself from when he was a baby.  He sings these made up songs and says things like, "I love my mom.  She's gorgeous.  I like her even when she yells."  So cute!  Joshua, we sure do love you and are so glad that you are ours! 


Meghan said...

Happy birthday lil' guy. Looks like another great party!

Danielle said...

i can't believe he's 4! What a handsome grown up little boy! :) He sounds like a total sweetheart.