Saturday, June 26, 2010

Day 5

All is well, Sarah's home.  They sure work the craft lady ragged up there, that and no sleep, poor Sarah looked tired.  We sure did miss her.  I interviewed the kids today at lunch to see what they missed most about mom.  There was a "She's so fun", but mostly they all said, "She's just soooo beautiful".  Looking at dad all week must have been wearing on them.

We did a little cleaning this morning to impress Sarah and get ready for her trip to Colorado next week.  When we were cleaning the van Lu-lu decided to turn on the headlights, I didn't catch it.  Later when we were going to hunt for the DI-pods we were dead as a door nail.  After a jump from the neighbors we searched in vain for the DI-pods.  Does anyone know where they went?

Made some more progress on the tree house today...We have three walls now and not enough wood for the fourth and the roof unless I figure out some fancy tricks.  I'll be making another scrap wood run I have a feeling.

Larkin fresh out of the bath has been coloring on herself with to go.

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