Friday, June 25, 2010

Day 2 & 3

Went jogging in the morning with Peter.  We'd planned on seeing what our 10K time was on flat ground so I mapped it out on the relatively flat farmington road.  I missed our turnaround point and we just kept on running until things didn't feel right and then kept going for some reason.  We turned around at River road.  I'm sure we were tired from the run the day before but that run killed us, joints, feet, and connecty thingys were complaining.  

I got back from my jog and Noah was making himself breakfast, caramel sauce, chocolate syrup, and strawberry jam toast.  He made similar delicacies for the kids while I took a shower.  I dropped the kids off at the Dickinsons and went to work.  They were showing the US vs Algeria game in the cafe with free berakfast so I worked from down there while watching the game.  We won 1:0 scoring at 90min.  It was an awesome game.  Watched Germany win over lunch time and snuck home early to get the kids.  We had dinner then went swimming then back to Peters to help build the club-house.  We got one more wall built then it was 9:00.  The kids had a blast just running around and from what I could tell they were pretty good.
Jogged an easy paced 5K this morning in crocks, and I think they are better running shoes than my running shoes.  We worked on the tree house all day, with a lawn mowing, campfire and swimming to break things up a bit.  After dinner we went over to Peters to work on his guest-house and got the walls raised.  We pounded the last nail of the day at 10:00.  Poor kids haven't gotten to bed on time in a few days, I don't think they've minded though.

Arwen replied to some question of one of the kids with "This is bacon, it's the best kind of meat in the whole world", then she looked at me and added, "except for fish, of course".  I'm pretty sure she was referring to shrimp.

We roasted some huge marshmallows after eating lunch.  Larkin won for being the cleanest (she ate hers un-roasted).  Joshua won for being the dirtiest.

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Meghan said...

I love these pictures! Arwen's freckles are about the cutest things I have ever seen. I have loved watching the world cup games. Never got into them before this year, I missed out!