Sunday, June 20, 2010

Arwen's thoughts about Dad

Arwen, age 7

1. What's Dad's name? “Aaron.”
2. What's Dad's job? “He works at Intel. He writes on the computer.”
3. Why is Dad special? “He loves us a lot and he's nice. He loves making robots and stuff with us.”
4. How do you know Dad loves you? “Sometimes he brings home treasures for us and sometimes he plays the things we want to play.”
5. When you grow up, do you want to be like Dad? “Umm...No. I want to be a painter.”
6. Why do you love Dad? “Because he's really nice and funny.”
7. What do you do to have fun together? “I love when he swings me on the sing and we make projects together.”
8. What does Dad do for fun? “ He makes us treats sometimes and sometimes he plays with us.”
9. How old is Dad? “29.”
10. How old was Dad when he got married? “21.”
11. How do you know Dad loves Mom? “Because he hugs her and because Mom says that Dad loves her more than anyone.”
12. Why did Heavenly Father give you Dad? “Because if we didn't have a Dad, who would help you get birthed?”
13. What kind of little boy was Dad? “A blondie. I heard it in his pictures.”
14. What did Dad need to know about Mom before he married her? “That mom liked the church and stuff.”
15. Why did Dad marry Mom? “Because she was pretty and went to church.”
16. What would it take to make Dad perfect? “He would have to be like Jesus.”
17. If you could change one thing about Dad, what would it be? “ Hmmm...I don't really know. I would change that he didn't have to go to work but that we could still have money.”
18.What is Dad's favorite color? “It changes every year, so I don't know.”


Grandma Carrot said...

Indeed...who would help you get birthed?! She is sooooooo smart and sweet. Oh, I can't wait to see all you guys!

Anonymous said...

I loved these posts, I told Glenn that when we have kids he would have to be silly with them

AmyB said...

I love this. Indeed their Mother was/is a good girl and did go to church and their Daddy knew it. He was/is a good guy himself. I was there to witness the whole thing :)