Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Day 1

Sarah shot me an FYI email as she was walking out the door for girls camp: 
"Freezer is not cold..."
So I came home as soon as I could escape from work to save the years supply of delicious strawberry freezer jam Sarah had just made. 
Arwen and Noah helped me mop up the water and clean up after defrosting the freezer.  

Larkin was getting a little fussy so I suggested she go take a nap.  I sent Arwen and Noah down to the pool while Joshua and I finished cleaning up.  After an hour or so we woke Larkin up and joined Arwen and Noah at the pool.

 Yesterday at the pool Larkin was so excited to get in the pool she ran over to the side and was about to jump in before I could get her floaties on.  She was pretty independent...even abandoning the watter noodle after a while.

 Doesn't that look Olympic?  We'll other than the beach ball :)

Couldn't resist another shot of Lu-Lu

That poor shark Noah has by the tail mysteriously popped.

Joshua was sure glad Larkin preferred the floaties over his ring-o-ma-bob thingy.
If only the day ended there...I was on the phone trying to help with some stuff and shushed Arwen when she tried to talk to me.  Apparently Larkin had pooped her pull-up.  I think Arwen attempted to change her but there had been some malfunction of both bowels and pull-up.  I'll skip forward to allow any of you that have just eaten dinner (or have ever eaten anything) to keep it in your stomaches.  Suffice it to say the rug and Larkin got a nice hose down, the rug out back, Larkin in the bath.

And then it was bed time.

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Meghan said...

You go super dad!