Friday, September 05, 2008

We woke up Saturday morning and saw that Dallin had a really swollen eye. (It ended up being a mosquito bite...Poor Dallin reacts really badly to them.) Matthew and Bethany took him to the store to get some Benedryl and we took Evan to go on some adventures. We did some geocaching and off-roading!

Here's Arnie driving on a dirt road. It was pretty crazy...she ran into a sharp stick and put a nice scratch ALL the way down the passenger side of the van! Crazy little girl drivers!

Here are some sweet glasses Aaron found on the road. The kids had fun with them the rest of the weekend. Wonder what happened to them??

Here's Larkin enjoying a moment of not being held...I didn't want to put her down because she puts EVERYTHING in her mouth!!Those aren't scrapes on Noah's face...It's chocolate. We had lots of fun roasting marshmallows that night!

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