Tuesday, September 09, 2008

The kids have been having lots of fun taking pictures with our new camera. They are pretty artsy! Here are a few of my favorites...pretty bad quality because we still haven't gotten a bigger memory card and are still using the tiny one it came with and all the pictures are small to fit more than 4 on the card at a time!
They use their crayons for probably two hours a day, most days. Definitely a favorite of theirs!

How could you not want to take a picture of Larkin's bum? (She crawls now, by the way!!)
Noah does have pretty cute feet...

The kids LOVE their rope swing that Aaron built for them. They play on it every day! They like to stand on the trampoline and jump off onto it...what daredevils!!

Joshua out playing with a bus...which he calls his "train!!"

There were A LOT of crazy pictures like this...and even a close-up of JUST Arwen's teeth, that I spared you all from looking at!
I love this one...Good job Noah!!
Here are me and Lark getting ready for church!
Here are the kids and Aaron walking to church. Nice shot Ar!

What silly sisters, who are the best of friends!

Now, if you had a shirt this cool, wouldn't you want a picture of it too?? Hope you enjoyed a day in the life of my kids!

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Grandma Carrot said...

How fun! I'm thinking cameras for Christmas...Did you mean, swing to tramp? Or tramp to swing? Either way, broken bones are a-coming! I know, I know, but I just had to say it!