Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Ahhh! Last Saturday was Aaron's birthday. We had a super busy week last week...got home from camping, cleaned everything up, and then got Arwen ready for Kindergarten and sent her off. The kids and I decided (on Thursday, I think) to throw Aaron a little surprise birthday party on Friday night, when he got home from work. We went shopping on Thursday and got helium balloons, plates, cups, napkins, decorations, and TONS of lollipops to decorate with. Then we went to Best Buy to get him a new camera. It was crazy with all 4 kids! I got home and hid the stuff in the bathtub...the one place we knew Aaron wouldn't find everything! So...Aaron walked in and I was busy helping Larkin with something and Noah led Aaron upstairs and said, "Dad, look in the bathtub." What a punk! This was after I told him a million times that we were going to surprise Daddy so don't say anything! So much for the surprise!

On Friday, Bethany, cake builder extrordinaire, came over to teach me how to make a fondant cake. It was really fun, but A LOT of work!!

Here it is...lots of food coloring later!!

The thing on top is Aaron's hanko...if you look closely, you can see that it says AARON. Aaron designed this himself a few years ago. Matthew made that part of the cake.
It kinda looks like a space ship...which is cool...since I didn't really have an idea of something specific that I wanted! Thanks Matthew and Bethany for helping with it! It is definitely the coolest looking birthday cake I have ever made!

We had Matthew and Bethany over for dinner and cake. They got him a really fun game that we played that night! The lamest part of the whole day is that I never did light those fancy candles and we didn't sing to him. And, these are the ONLY pictures that got taken. Sorry Aaron!


Memory said...

That is one seriously cool cake! I love the colors. I love the space ship look. I love the hanko (never knew there was a word for that...must Google that now!). You are still one of the most amazing people I've known. You do crazy creative and fun stuff with and for your family and others!

Grandma Carrot said...

Okay, so how long did this take? Please send me the receipe for the fondant. I am seriously impressed...you certainly don't get your cooking skills from me. :)

Meghan said...

Your cake is so darn cute!