Friday, September 05, 2008

We woke up on Sunday and Bethany and Matthew took Dallin home to decide if they needed to bring him to the ER to check on his swollen eye! We took Evan with us and ventured a few miles from out camp to check out some hot springs. They were really nice, if you didn't look at all the garbage all over the ground...when did camping and such become such a white trash activity??
These silly cousins sure do love each other!

Here's a group shot of us all enjoying our warm "bath." This was the only time the whole weeked that I wasn't freezing!

Here's Daddy and Arnie enjoying the water...Josh looked at this picture and said, "Daddy naked. Daddy naughty!"
What a pretty Sparkly Larkily! I had a hard time keeping her from trying to drink the water! (Her and Joshua!!)
Best Friends...when they aren't ripping each others hair out!
We did a little geocaching after the hot springs. It was lots of fun! The kids LOVE the junky treasures we found!
We had a yummy Apple Carmel Crisp for dessert that we cooked in the dutch oven. It was so warm and yuumy on a RAINY night!

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, get that naked daddy a cool swimming shirt like the kids...or a sun tan.