Monday, June 09, 2008

We had the best long weekend ever. Bethany called me last Tuesday saying that her family was coming up to Portland for the weekend because Matthew had a job interview up here in Hillsboro! We were so EXCITED...first of all, because we got to spend time with family and second, at the thought that maybe they will be living up here ten minutes away from us! We are keeping our fingers crossed and saying our prayers!! We did lots of fun things and had a blast hanging out. The kids of course, loved playing with their cousins. Joshua and Dallin even got along better.

We went on a little hike one day to an old stone house in the middle of Washington Park. The kids had fun hiking down to it.
There were lots of huge trees to hide behind and climb.
Pretty neat looking old house. I loved all the moss covering it.
Silly girl in a little window!
The funniest part ever was when I convinced Noah to lick a slug. If you live in Oregon and have not licked a banana slug yet, it's an experience not to be missed. After you lick it, your tongue feels very really isn''s just covered in the slug slime and feels all weird. Anyways, I licked it and Noah was the only one brave enough to do it too. He was so upset afterwards. He DID NOT like the feeling of a numb tongue. He cried about it for the next 45 minutes...even after Aaron cleaned most of the slime off. It was pretty funny!


Dori said...

I've lived in Oregon my whole life and never heard of anyone licking a slug!! I can't believe you did that!!! It's bad enough when you step on them with your bare feet!! Crazy Sarah! :)

Meredith said...

wow, my admiration for you and my curiosity about your sanity just grew ten-fold.