Sunday, June 01, 2008

We all went for a hike at Black Diamond one morning. It was lots of fun. The kids had fun being dare devils and climbing EVERYTHING!!

Cute little Larkin in one of the boy's hats. She was so excited to be there that she fell asleep in her front pack.
Here's silly Josh about ready to come down a big steep hill...
...and this is how he got down...sliding on his bum!!Princess Arwen on top of a mountain that she climbed by herself.

The boys had a fun time playing in a cave they found.
Look, we found a Noe in a square in a rock.
And then we found a Shosh!
Here's Arwen with Aunt Whitney, cousin Austin and Uncle Joshua on top of the mountain!
Noah had a great time collecting different colored dirt and storing it in his front pocket.
All the kids climbed up this really steep side of a wall to go and hang out in the caves up top. Good old Aunt Bethany had to go up and save them!

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