Monday, June 09, 2008

Two Friday's ago was one of our absolute favorite traditions here in Portland...the Rose Festival fireworks! We usually go and make a long evening of it.

First, we stopped by Hot Dog On A Stick for dinner. This is Noah's SECOND corn dog...I know! Who could have known that the only reason Noah didn't used to eat was that he was lactose intolerant!! Now he eats like long as it's not my disgusting cooking!!
Say Cheese!!
Joshua is officially two. He insists on walking wherever we go more stroller :( When I tell him to keep up with the family, he crosses his arms, turns his back to me, and makes this "huumph" sound. Naughty little thing!
Five is such a great age...well in comparison to two and three! Arwen is so fun to be around and is such a good girl! Too bad I can't send the two and three year olds off to kindergarten and keep the sweet one home with me ;)
It wouldn't be the Rose Festival without doing the pull-up challenge. Sadly, no T-shirts were won this year! It was fun trying though. The fireworks were amazing as usual! Poor Noah was scared to death. I don't think I have heard him scream louder in my whole life. He was terrified. Aaron finally got him under control by covering his ears so it wasn't so loud. Noah leaned over and whispered into Aaron's ear, "I thought I was brave, but I'm not, I'm not."


Cheney Family said...

Sounds like so much fun! I can't wait for the weather to warm up so I can get out more. I am going to have to try out Washington Park.

Danielle said...

that is so ridiculously sweet! i love your family!

Meghan said...

that is so cute!