Sunday, June 01, 2008

"Joshua had a birthday, shout Hurray!! We want to sing to him today. One year older and wiser too, Happy Birthday, to Joshua!!"

Don't worry, we had NO FOOD in our house after we got home from our vacation, but Super Mom was able to put together a grand party!! Thanks for ice cream cakes at Dairy Queen!
This is for you Bethany...A YIPPY from Joshua. He was so excited for the present Arwen picked out for him.
Lately, Joshua has been seen to be carrying around a tiny little pretend sandwich from Arwen's pretty little ponies set. He calls it his ,"Luch." lunch...without the "n" sound!! He also loves to play with all of her pretend food. So Arwen picked him out a lunch box with a carton of milk, a knife, peanut butter, jam and a sandwich. We got a YIPPY when he saw the sandwich and he yelled, "Luch!!" He carries it everywhere with him. He came in to my room this morning before anyone was awake and whispered to me about his "luch." So cute! Happy 2nd Birthday, Josh!!

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Pricilla said...

Happy Birthday Joshy Squashy! What a big boy you have. I wish he and Tanner could buddy around. Your vacation looks like a blast. What great memories for your kids. Hey, I noticed that you don't have Larkin in your title at the top yet!