Monday, May 12, 2008

The kids like to hide everyday when Aaron gets home from work so he can find them. Aaron walks in and Arwen yells, "Mom, say you lost the kids..."so I say, "Daddy, I lost the kids!" This is how he found Noah one day..."Tapey Monster" is what Arwen called him.

Pretty much he couldn't see or breathe. Aaron said he was kind of snorting and struggling for breath...luckily there was a microscopic hole allowing him enough oxygen not to die before Aaron found him! ;)


Memory said...

No, I'm not working like I should be. Instead, I'm busting up over silly Noah and this picture. That looks incredibly uncomfy and painful...and yet I can't stop laughing. He's such a goof. Tell him not to get Evan any ideas! He loves tape and would probably be more than willing to turn himself into the Tapey Monster!! :-)

Meredith said...

that is the funniest picture i have ever seen! he really did a great job of covering EVERY inch of his face.