Monday, May 12, 2008

Friday night, I got to go out on a girl's night with a few friends from church. Aaron set our tent up and had the ultimate "date" with the kids. They started out with tin foil dinners. Then they roasted marshmallows for s'mores over the fire pit Aaron built (which looks awesome!!). Aaron let Arwen and Noah roast their own marshmallows, so now, they are pretty much professional! Then, they all cozied up in the tent and went to sleep!

Check out that nice fire! They didn't have any're shocked, I'm sure!
The best thing is, the fire pit is where the trampoline goes, so that will help to keep the kids from messing around in it...(I hope!)
Arwen is the messiest eater of all my kids! But she sure enjoys her treats!
"This is so yuuuummmmy!"...Noah's most used phrase!
Aaron said that Joshua didn't like how messy the s'mores were and really didn't enjoy his too much.
Here are the kids self-roasted mallows!
Good Night, Sleep Tight! Thanks Aaron for being the most amazing Dad ever! I had a wonderful night and so did the kids! You are the greatest...Love you lots!


Anonymous said...

Nice fire pit. It looks old. What did you make it out of?


Anonymous said...

I was going for the antique-y look. I made it out of old cinderblock steps from the side of my yard.

Danielle said...

alright. so i've just decided that i'm moving in with you guys and am going to be one of the kids! seriously, you do the cutest things that they will remember for years. sooo, uhhh. should I grab my bags :)

Pricilla said...

How fun. The worst part of camping is loading and unloading the car so you are a genious for doing it in your own back yard!

Anonymous said...

I was actually in panic mode by the time Friday rolled around as there was no fire pit yet. In Family Home Evening on Monday night we had gone though our activities for the week and I brought up the camp-out idea while Sarah was at her girls night. Immediately Noah got this big simile on his face, with raised fists of triumph, shouting "That's a camp fire!". I replied weakly "We'll see" trying to build up the fun of sleeping in the tent. As the week went on the kids forgot about the tent part all together, it was all "fire! fire! fire!" as Noah continued to fan their excitement. By Friday afternoon we still didn't have a fire pit. Trying to avoid disaster I ran around in circles as the kids chanted "fire!" and pointed sharp sticks at me. It was either die as the worst camp-out planner ever or come up with something. Then the revelation: The annoying stepping stones that get in the way as I wheel the garbage up and down the side yard. An hour or so later camp and fire pit was setup. The kids never knew I was fearing for my life all week. They were to distracted by Noah's fire frenzy. In the end we had an awesome camp-out and are looking forward to Sarah joining us for the next one.

Bethany said...

I'm so looking forward to doing fun things like that. I still remember having campouts in our back yard so you're making memories for those kids. So fun!!!

Amber and The Boys said...

OK, you guys are seriously the funnest family ever! I think of ourselves as fun...until I read your blog! What a cool dad!