Friday, May 16, 2008

I have one word for you...KARMA. I was talking to Jen two days ago...whining about how my house just kind of always stinks because of my sweet little boys...they are always dirty, make my bathrooms smell like pee...and all kinds of other nasty smells! I then got motivated and mopped all the floors downstairs! Yea...gotta love the smell of Pinesol! Well, that night, Aaron went into the boys' room to check on them before we got into bed. He told me to come here, because their room stank..."yeah, yeah, Aaron...their room always stinks...they are smelly little boys!" Anyways, I went and smelled it, and yup, it was stinky. I thought maybe Joshua needed a new diaper, but that wasn't it. We sniffed around and couldn't figure it out. So, Aaron left their door open so the room could air out.
Well, the next morning, it was stinky...even stinkier, in fact. After Aaron went to work, I scavenged the room, trying to figure out what was rotting up there. It didn't take long, because, if you will remember from a previous post, they do not have any more toys up there. I took all the clothes out of drawers and smelled them. I checked on the 3 toys in the toy box...nothing. The longer I was in there, the more familiar the smell smelled like dead mouse. I grew up by a field, and so every winter, we had I am pretty familiar with the scent of dead mouse. I then noticed the box of legoes up in the closet...I remembered we had brought them to play group and then I sat them in the garage for a while...maybe a mouse had crawled in there and died. EWWWW GROSS!! So, I bravely dumped all the legoes out, and....NOTHING!! Then I crawled under the bunk beds and checked in the heating duct, so see if anything was there. The only thing I smelled in there was fresh air blowing out...Oh yeah, I didn't mention...yesterday was the first day of our big heat wave! So we had the air con on. Anyways, the hotter it got, the stinkier it became in the room. After checking everything six or seven times, I closed the door, locked it, and put a towel by the bottom, so no yucky smells could leak out.

Aaron came home and had me convinced that it was Noah's mattress...I have water proof sheets...well, water resistant anyways. Aaron thought that since it was hot, the pee smell in the mattress baked and made it smell gross in there. We took the mattress out and brought it downstairs. I rubbed my nose all over it, and NOTHING! And then...Aaron realized what must be going on...A few weeks ago, a mama bird had built her nest up in the eave of the house, right by the boys' room. Every time we went in the room, the babies would start chirping. It was really sweet sounding. Aaron would tell the boys that the babies were singing them to bed every night. It didn't dawn on us that we hadn't heard the babies in a few days. So....Aaron went and got the ladder and climbed into our attic...right over the boys' room. After a couple of minutes, he yelled, "Oh this is sad...get the camera."

Well, after spending TWO HOURS up in an attic that must have been 100 degrees, with the worst stench in the universe, Aaron successfully removed 3 dead baby birds...and when I say babies, I mean BIG baby birds. Here's what happened...Mama bird climbed in and out of a tiny hole to make a nest in out attic. She laid her eggs, they hatched, she fed her babies every day, and they grew. One day, not too long ago, poor mama bird must have had a large meal or something. When she came back in to feed the HUGE babies,she got STUCK in her little hole. Poor mama died there and so did her babies. I got to go outside and get our 15 foot stick and whack mama bird free from the could totally see her hanging out. It was so NASTY! Listen to me whine...poor Aaron was up in the attic digging through insulation trying to make sure he got all the babies out. He's pretty sure he's gonna die of the bird flu! He looked so sick and was so SWEATY when he finally was done. Earlier in the day, I promised the kids the greatest treasure ever to whomever could figure out where the smell was coming from...Aaron wins it! What in the world would be treasure enough for the nastiness that he had to endure...any suggestions??

There's mama bird stuck up in her little hole and there's one of the babies in the nest. Check out the nails on the ceiling...Poor Aaron was complaining that his head was bleeding from the ceiling...holy cow!! Stupid, stupid birds!!

The moral of my stinky little boys smell like more complaining!!


Pricilla said...

That is so sad, and I don't envy the smell. What an ordeal. Life really throws interesting experiences our way sometimes. What did Aaron tell the boys about their singing birds?

Larry and Michelle Dickinson said...

Very sad, I feel for the birds and for Aaron

Danielle said...

so so sad. :(