Sunday, May 04, 2008

I LOVE Oregon in the springtime! It is so beautiful...blossoms of all kinds all around! How blessed we are to live in such a pretty place! After enjoying Church, we came home and had a picnic while Aaron set up the new hammock we bought on our 7th Anniversary date last night.

Here are my beauties with their wonderful Daddy. I just love them all so much!
I love this picture. Josh and Ar just hanging out being best buddies. I love the bond Arwen has with each of her brothers. She loves to play and use her imagination with Noe. She is very motherly to Joshua which just makes a mom's heart happy.
Hee Hee! I finally talked Aaron into letting me buy a Bumbo chair because I told him that it be so cute holding Larkin in pictures...I was right! Aren't "leggings" so cute on a fat little baby?
You see!!!! Noah doesn't have that goofy look on his face like usual!! He really can be quite handsome when he wants to be...especially since we FINALLY cut his hair.
We have three blossoming trees in our backyard. We love when there is a breeze and we can dance in the blossoms. Thanks Daddy for being our "breeze" today!
Sweet Josh...just after a nap. He is such my tender hearted little boy. I love him to pieces!
Larkin almost looks fat in this picture! Aaron, Josh, and Larkin took a nap in the hammock together. I napped on the trampoline until I got too hot and joined Arwen and Noah on their bed beneath the blossoms. What a wonderful day! After dinner, we are going to enjoy a treat of chocolate covered strawberries. It just doesn't get much better, does it?


Anonymous said...

"I still live with my parents" Nice shirt Noah.

Uncle Mike

Amber and The Boys said...

Happy Anniversary! I thought of you guys today! We were at your reception 7 years ago tonight and then we headed home to get ready to get married ourselves. Can you believe it has been 7 years?


Jen said...

SO FUN! I too, love those days!

Anonymous said...

Those are some pretty fantastic pictures. Cute, cute.

Grandma Carrot said...

Happy Anniversary! Wow...the weather you experienced on your
7th was sure different from the blizzard at your reception :) What a sweet family you are. We love you.

Bethany said...

Awesome picture of elf princess Arwen dancing in her blossoms. Noah has quite the pose as well. I love little Larkily's chubby legs in the Bumbo, and of course sweet little Joshua. I just may switch out a Dallin for the Josha when you guys come to visit.