Monday, March 31, 2008

We had NOTHING to do on Saturday, so we went on an adventure! We had originally planned to go to the coast, but the road there got dumped with a lot of snow, so we made new plans. We headed south towards Salem and thought we would go to the Tulip Festival. Uh oh, someone forgot to tell the tulips that it was time for them to show their colorful faces, because there were only a few yellow tulips poking out! We'll have to postpone the festival until there are more flowers! Then, we followed Aaron's GPS on a wild goose chase. He had downloaded some fun "attractions" in the area that others had enjoyed when they were there. Uh oh...none of the things were even there anymore. Oh well, we had fun driving around on a dreary day wasting precious gas money :) We did stumble on a cute little cemetery.

Notice how the little chapel is up on rocks...pretty interesting.
Arwen and Noah appreciated the short time out of the car!! After this, we went to the Woodburn outlet stores and let the kids play at the tree house. They had some "kid festival" going on there and had face painting and balloons...both of which we missed out in because we thought we would come back when the line died down. The kids did get to plant flowers though. AND...they got to roll their own pretzels at Auntie Ann's Pretzels and then got a FREE pretzel! Don't you just love free stuff?? Overall, it was a great day spent together.

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