Wednesday, March 26, 2008

One more "Scripture" story...Yesterday, after their bath, Arwen and Noah took blankets and wrapped them over their heads and around their know, so they looked like Mary and Joseph in robes. Anyways, they were riding donkeys...really they were sitting on the puppy dog and pig Easter baskets and traveling to Bethlehem. Josh wandered in and I suggested he could be the baby Jesus. Arwen glanced at Josh in amazement and then turned to "Joseph" and said, "Look Joseph, we laid a baby."


Jen said...

That's awesome! Too bad it isn't so easy as "laying a baby".

Meredith said...

isn't it hilarious the way kids parrot the things you say? it's so great to know that they are really getting some of the things you are teaching them, not just in one ear, out the other. you're laying a great foundation, sarah!

for my own future use, are you just reading from the scriptures or using a kid-friendly version? and when/how do you go about it each day?