Monday, March 24, 2008

The Christian Church next door to ours holds a community Easter Egg Hunt every year! It is so awesome. The kids come away with loads of candy and we all get a free hot dog/chip lunch! Some years, they have flown the Easter Bunny in on a helicopter. No Easter Bunny this year, though. Instead, the fire department sent over a truck and a bunch of firemen...way better than the Easter Bunny!
Look at the determined contemplation on this girls face. "How am I going to collect more eggs than anyone else??"
Off she goes. She's a girl on a mission!! "Out of my way, kids!"
Good old Josh picked up all the candy that WASN"T in eggs. Yummy!
Little Noe was quite content with his stash. He was very clear in his Easter Egg gathering...I had to hold his basket, while he gathered the eggs.
Looks like all of her scheming paid off! She got the mother load of trashy candy!Little Josha has a mind of his own lately! He takes off running and NEVER looks back. Twice he wandered away from us and we had to search high and low to find him. He was located on the playground both times!
Noah would take a lick or bite of every piece of candy, decide it wasn't what he wanted, and then try and pawn it off on me.
I then gave it all to Joshua! Lucky boy!!
I don't know what he's doing, but he makes this silly face all the time!!
Good old Ar sure enjoyed her hot dog and Cheeto's! Shed had an orange mouth until the next morning when I finally wiped it off! "Yup. I did good and had fun. I'll just be taking my basket of candy and my water and be leaving now."

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Grandma Carrot said...

How fun! Do you even have to buy Easter treats? Your local area has so many great things to offer for kids. I can remember a little girl who was as competitive as Arwen. Can you guess who? HA!