Thursday, March 20, 2008

Arwen shocked and amazed us yesterday!! The kids were out in the back yard playing (yea for nice weather!!) and Arwen sat on a swing. We have been teaching her for years (literally) how to pump her legs so she can swing herself. Well, Arwen kicked off yesterday and things just clicked and she knows how to swing now!

Arwen was as surprised as we were at her new-found talent! She is pretty darn proud of herself!
This "Little Miss Trouble" sure is a sweet little princess!


Grandma Carrot said...

Yahoo! Arwen can swing! That is a big deal. Please tell her how proud Grandma Carrot is of her. I can't believe that she is starting school this fall. We are so excited to see you all this summer. Have a happy Easter:)

Pricilla said...

Go Arwen! She does look proud. I love the shirt too!