Tuesday, October 06, 2009

We've lived in Oregon 8 years now and have never been to see Crater Lake. So we planned a trip to do so! It was about a 6 hour trip down there and the kids did pretty good...except I bought Gatorade to drink in the car. That was so STUPID! You can only imagine how many times we had to stop to let the kids pee. Ahhh! Never again!

Uh Oh! Another crazy wooden bridge. It took Lu FOREVER to walk the whole thing! This was actually a look out platform that we hiked up to to get an awesome view of the Crater Lake area. I was scared to take the kids on it because we saw a bunch of people hiking down from it with walking sticks and pretty hard core hiking equipment. It wasn't too bad though!

Here was the view from the top. It was really pretty.

Noah decided to hike barefoot (unbeknownst to me) on the hike back down. I for sure would have said no, but it kept him happy and the dirt DID wash off!

What a silly boy! Good thing he has a good daddy who understands what little kids need to do sometimes!

Joshua just couldn't make it and made himself comfortable on the trip back down. He made me sing him songs from Willy Wonka the whole way down.

Here's Noah with his thistle...you know like the one Horton has that has the Who's on it!

We stopped by Pumice Lake in the area and the kids collected lots of cool pumice stones.

Here's Josh, lost out in the Pumice Desert! We had a fun time, but Klamath Falls (which is the city that we stayed in) was NOT kid friendly. It was full of old grouchy people who told me every change I got how bad my kids were. Seriously. Both nights at dinner the old folks had some nasty comments and one group even asked to be moved FAR from us. (It wasn't our fault the dumb servers forgot they never came and took out order and we sat there 45 minutes till we got our food. We never even got all 6 of the waters we ordered! It was ridiculous!) Anyways, it was fun trip, but maybe we should wait till we're old, since it seems to be an old people vacation!


aarastas said...

Sarah was in the bathroom with the kids at the time but one lady (probably visiting too), after looking around to be sure she wouldn't be overheard (fear of being driven out of town?), whispered that our kids were doing just fine.

Kim H said...

We've always wanted to go to crater lake!! What a fun trip!

Jen said...

I've always wanted to go there too! THe pictures are GORGEOUS! Noah's impression of Horton is SPOT ON!

Matthew said...

Well no wonder it took Larky forever to get all the way across that bridge! Who puts the slats lengthwise? There would be no safe place on that whole bridge for a little tiny.