Tuesday, October 06, 2009

We found a pretty fun "swimming hole" on the way to the coast one time and decided to go and spend the day there. We had doubly fun because the cousins came too!!

Arwen climbed up as high as Aaron is in this picture and jumped in. Yea!

Arwen's real good at making friends...and convincing them to let her steal their fun :)

Matthew and Aaron thought it would be fun to jump off this REALLY high bridge. (To be fair to them, they waited until after a super drunk lady jumped off first to make sure they wouldn't die.)

Larkin spent most of her time here...staying far away from the water. She was still scared to death of it at this point in our vacation!


Grandma Carrot said...

Lu just needed time to check out her pedicure. That hot sun can do damage to those tiny little toenails.

Danielle said...

it looks like you guys have been having a blast! LOVE all the pictures you've taken! anyway, I'll stop gushing. but really, you're amazing! :)