Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I had to miss Arwen's soccer game on Saturday :( but Aaron and the kids went and cheered her on.  Apparently this was so not the game to miss!  Arwen totally schooled the other team! She scored 3 of her teams 5 points.  The other team only scored 3 times!  Aaron said she looked she knew what she was doing ;)  Way to go Arwen.  A few games ago, she was getting so frustrated and shared with me that she didn't think soccer was the sport for her because she just wasn't any good at it.  When you're 6 it's all about how many goals you can make and poor Arwen is a much better defender than she is offender.  I just wasn't able to to get her to understand that she really is amazing and that I don't care if she is the worst player out there, I just wanted her to have fun and make new friends.  After the coach put Arwen back in, I whispered a little prayer and asked Heavenly Father to give Arwen a little confidence.  It wasn't but a few minutes later and Arwen made a goal!  You should have seen her face.  She was delighted!  I almost cried.  What a huge change that little goal made in her little life.  Since then, she LOVES soccer...even if she doesn't make any goals.  She is super fast and really is an amazing little defender.  She isn't as hard on herself and doesn't get as discouraged as she used to!
I sure do love that girl!!


Matthew said...

Wow!! Krista time traveled when she was a child and played Arwen, her future niece, in soccer?!! My mind is blown.

Matthew said...

And with invisible balls no less!

But seriously doesn't that look like Kritta?

Marsha said...

Way to go Arwen!!! Your dad was always amazing at soccer too. I'd like to see you out there scrambling for those invisible balls. I had to laugh at what Matthew said because I SAW a ball or rather didn't realize that I didn't see one. ha ha ha ha