Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Aaron and I took the kids to Bagby Hot Springs, which are just a couple of hours away from us. It's a little over a mile to hike in to them, but it wasn't too strenuous and was very pretty.

We got there early enough to get the big tub. The kids had a blast!

We spent so much time there the kids got pretty wrinkly!

It turns out the Arwen is our little fish. She learned to swim this summer with all the playing we did in pools and rivers.

Larkin was pretty afraid of the water at the beginning of summer. (I think it was because Aaron dunked her when she had a cold because from that time forward she would just CLING to me when we got anywhere near water.)

Wrinkly old man hands!

We see you Joshua!

Here's the source of the hot water. I thought for sure one of the kids was going to trip and end up with a melted hand...but luckily we made it away unscathed!

We stopped by the river on the way back to the van to let the boys throw rocks and let Aaron balance rocks. It was here...and not at the hot springs that some crazy hippie lady...dreads and all, mom, got naked and took a dip in the FREEZING river. Sometimes I just want to say, "REALLY?? REALLY?? Do you not see the four small children? Can you not wait 5 minutes till we are gone?" Oh well!

There were lots of big trees all around.

Joshua's cute little fingers.

I think he's licking it...gross! We sure had a fun time!


heidi nielsen said...

I read these posts as I was getting on to make a similar one for us. Fun, fun.

Jen said...

Okay, seriously? When I read the first sentence, I thought, WOW! You take your kids into hot springs in Oregon..surely there are naked people everywhere! I'm so glad I wasn't wrong. I laughed my head off when I read I was right!

What fun parents you are, btw! LOVE YOU!

Grandma Carrot said...

You know, those hippies really can smell pretty bad. Especially the ones who have the lovely dreges. Puwee....we have to go along behind them at the store and spray something scented to mask the stinky smell. So maybe she wasn't thinking about you all but that she just had to have a bath! (It could happen)

Meghan said...

I love the pictures of joshua in the tub, very artistic :)