Sunday, December 14, 2008

Yippee hooray for snow days!! Here are the kids before we headed off to church bright and early this morning. They were soooo excited to see that it was snowing when they got out of the bath this morning!!
What sweet, CLEAN kids! I love it!

Hmmmm....says Josh. What is this stuff??
This was seriously the face that Noah made when I whispered to him the middle of Sacrament meeting that he didn't have to go to Primary today and that he got to go home and play in the snow instead! Actually, I think it was the face ALL the kids made!!
Joshua's probably tasted like chocolate!! Not chocolate rain...chocolate snow!!
The kids and Aaron lasted outside for a goodly amount of time while I tried to whip up a warm meal for them. I'm pretty sure Noah's eyes were frozen shut by the time I took this picture!!
After the boys got cold, Arwen stayed outside with Aaron for a while longer. What a sweet little girl!!


Jen said...

How fun. It finally snowed here too! Did you cut Arwen's hair? I LOVE IT!

Memory said...

These pictures are so fun! Ha! Jen asked about Arwen's hair. I'm wondering about Noah's. It looks different. So cute (no, not that it doesn't normally!). Looks like it got cut...or it's more straight...or something. Maybe it's that just-out-of-the-bath look. Handsome!

Christa said...
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Emma Crowther said...

I love that black and white photo in the snow. Looks like your kids had a blast in the snow.