Friday, December 12, 2008

Yippee!! Here are the family pictures one of my very best friends, Jen took of my cute little family! I am sooooo excited!!
There is this really cool old white washed looking barn that I thought would be really neat in the back ground of our pictures. It's down by Aaron's work. We tried to ask the people who own it if we could use it in our pictures, but they were never home! Hopefully they wouldn't have minded!

This one is so cute! I love how Larkin and Joshua are goofing off together. They do this ALL the time and it is great...until Josh get too rough and hurts Larkin. And I liked it because Noah is smiling :)
This is my favorite of Aaron and's like an ad for Abercrombie...except we have on way too many clothes for that!!
Close-up!! I love close-ups of other people, but it 's always a little weird to see them of myself. But, I really like this picture. Isn't Aaron sooo cute??
Ahhh!! This is my absolute most favorite picture ever!! I love cute little Larkin! She is such a doll! Check out the boys' sweet kicks...they're pretty stylish!!
And here's me and my girls! I love it! The stinky boys would not smile or cooperate for their picture...the naughties!! Anyways, I love them! Thanks Jen!!


Darren said...

Sarah your family looks great. The kids are very cute too. These are really cool pictures. You can tell Jen she did a great job.

Pricilla said...

So Awesome! I love them all. You guys are the sweetest family and Jen did a great job capturing your cuteness. Hey, we may come visit the ward for church on the 22nd. Maybe we could come visit you guys before or after??? Will you be out of town?

Danielle said...

GORGEOUS GORGEOUS GORGEOUS!!! when is she coming back again? lol.

Anonymous said...

When is this Jen photographer gonna be down my way in CA? GREAT pictures as always.
Love, Wendy